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St. Xavier’s at Gandhinagar is a school managed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus.

It comprises the Nursery, K.G. and Standards I to XII with parallel divisions having Gujarati and English as the medium of instruction. Those who study through Gujarati medium have English as an additional subject.

The school aims, not merely, at preparing its pupils to qualify for the S.S.C. and H.S.C. but also to become integrated human beings; men and women who are capable of responding to life’s challenges with joy and a deep faith in the Almighty; whose choices and decisions are guided by the right values.

At St. Xavier’s we strive to achieve this through personal guidance and a sense of responsibility to uplift the needy.

The Catholic Educators consider it their duty to show due respect to the religious feelings and the freedom of conscience of their non-catholic pupils. Students are taught Moral Science, a course in their fundamental duties to their fellowmen and to self.



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