Celebrating Golden Jubilee – 50 Years

Celebrating Golden Jubilee – 50 Years

It’s our pleasure to inform that we are completing 50years of service to the society in the field of education.

Both (St. Xavier’s & Mount Carmel) started together in 1969 in the then nascent Gandhinagar to serve the citizens of the city. The schools had the distinction of being the sole education providers to the developing city in the late 60s and early 70s. The entity then known as Xavier’s-Carmel was run from the premises in Sector-20, that hosts the Children’s University presently.

St Xavier’s and Mount Carmel, since then have their separate campuses, in Sector 21 and Sector 8 respectively. More than 50,000 students have since been educated from these schools and most of the citizens of this city are associated with these schools in one way or the other.

We are proud to carry on the legacy of quality education and plan to celebrate its important milestone of completing 50 years.

The year long celebration will begin with the Jubilee Parade on the 15th June, 2019 from Children’s University which will go through Mount Carmel and finally conclude with a public function in the campus of St.Xavier’s school.

We also plan to have an Inter school cultural event in the month of July and an Inter school Sports Meet in December. Some of the leading schools from different parts of Gujarat would be invited to participate in the Jubilee activities.

We earnestly request you to share these glorious moments and be part of the year long Golden Jubilee celebrations. 


  • I’m proud to b a part of Xavier’s Parivar
    Congrats to Xavier’s and Mount Carmel for the golden jubilee

    Jane Reply
  • I love my school and school days. 🙂

    It was the best and beautiful time of my life. Lot of things which I have learned and become capable to learn and understand today is the result of learning and wisdom I have received from my school. It reflects in me as a person. It gave me the eye to see goodness in the world. And I am very much grateful for that.

    St. Xavier’s is 50 years old now.
    And I studied 14 years over there. (1994-2006)
    I feel happy about it.

    Ronak Singh Reply
  • So proud to be a student of these great school. St xavier’s High school has shaped me into what I am today and I can’t thank them more

    Dhaivat Vyas Reply
  • I’m very proud to be a part of this precious family but currently I’m with my daughter and son who’re currently in Australia. I’m Sorry as I won’t be part of this beautiful celebration as I’ll be back in India by September, but would definitely miss out to meet my batchmates.

    Anjana purani Reply
  • Congratulations Mount Carmel and St. Xavier! Its pleasure to be part of Mount Carmel family (1990-2002) and from Today my daughter is part of St. Xavier family (Jr. KG Class A). It’s a very pride moment for us.

    Maulik R Patel Reply

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